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Strategic Plan

Strategic Plan

Toward a Positive Future:
Our 2020-2025
Strategic Plan


After nearly 30 years of service, Maison Plein Cœur understands that the reality of people living with HIV (PLWHIV) is changing, and the organization is changing with it.

Given this situation, Maison Plein Cœur began a strategic planning process to better define and structure its actions and keep up with these changes in the next five years. It hired an external consultant and developed the strategic planning process to include PLWHIV, institutional and community partners, as well as Maison Plein Cœur volunteers, donors, and employees.

As a result, a multi-step process was put in place: one-on-one interviews with key individuals; preliminary consultation with employees; online survey of Maison Plein Cœur PLWHIV, volunteers and donors; two strategic brainstorming days; another online survey, this time for employees; and, finally, yet another survey of Board members (Board of Directors). Thanks to these efforts, a number of external and internal issues were identified.

The 2020-2025 strategic plan entitled Toward a Positive Future identifies nine priorities that will help create a positive future both for PLWHIV and Maison Plein Cœur.

Four priorities relate to the well-being of PLWHIV:

  • Better meet and adapt to the needs of aging PLWHIV.
  • Improve the quality of life of PLWHIV.
  • Reach, better assist, and adapt our existing programs and services to affected populations who are unable to fully participate in the organization.
  • Develop joint projects and partnerships to enhance programs and services for PLWHIV.

Five priorities relate to the organization’s management:

  • Develop the Board’s collective capacity and structure so that it can carry out its responsibilities more effectively.
  • Increase and diversify the organization’s basic funding.
  • Take care of the organization’s human resources and develop their skills.
  • Improve the organization’s ability to assess the impacts of its programs.
  • Repair and restore the building to better meet the organization’s current and future needs.

An implementation, monitoring and evaluation plan and a communication strategy were also proposed for the strategic plan.