Become a volunteer

Volunteers are at the heart of our organization. Without their involvement, we would not be able to deliver our many programs and services to people living with HIV-AIDS.

There are several ways to volunteer at Maison Plein Cœur:

Drivers: Drivers help people living with HIV-AIDS in need of transportation by driving them to their medical appointments. You can use your own vehicle or ours for that purpose.

Day Centre workers: Day Centre workers are there to listen to people living with HIV-AIDS and help users integrate into other Maison Plein Cœur programs and services.

Massage therapists: Massage therapists who have received around fifty hours of training in kinetic Swedish massage provide massages to people living with HIV-AIDS.

Agora supper volunteers: Volunteers help prepare this monthly supper. Only people living with HIV-AIDS are eligible to volunteer for this program.

Peer helpers: Peer helpers are HIV+ men who like sex with men and have contacted Entraide Positive because they have questions, are going through a crisis, or would like to get involved. During their personal journey, they have shown interest in supporting other HIV+ men. With support from our outreach workers, they volunteer to help manage, organize, and lead activities in the program.

Receptionists: Volunteer receptionists answer telephones and welcome individuals to the office. They also help manage the massages and the Agora supper.

Volunteers for activities and events: In addition to the programs and services provided by Maison Plein Cœur, we participate in various events such as Montreal Pride Community Day, the Quebec AIDS Foundation’s PARCours, and other events. We also occasionally hold our own events.

Member of the Board of Directors: By becoming a member of our Board of Directors, you can participate actively in the sound management of the organization. We are always looking for individuals who can lend their professional skills or expertise in such areas as governance, finance, fundraising, and human resources.

Other volunteers: Do you have other skills, expertise or talents you’d like to share? For example, are you a translator, electrician, photographer, video maker, handyman/woman, landscape technician, etc.? Contact us and we will do everything we can to create a position for you that meets our needs!

rab@maisonpleincoeur.org, extension 227