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Programs and activities

Programs and activities

Êtes-vous une personne vivant avec le VIH-sida? Contactez-nous pour prendre rendez-vous avec un de nos intervenants qui vous expliquera en détail l’ensemble de nos programmes et services.

Positive Resilience is an HIV-positive solidarity program that offers support and information services in a variety of forms, for ALL PEOPLE living with HIV (regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation or age). You’ll be able to discuss topics such as

  • New diagnosis
  • Immigration
  • Healthy aging
  • Support networks

Our services

Individual support

Depending on your needs, you can meet with a counsellor (personalized support of flexible duration, information and referral). This support can be offered in our offices, by telephone, in rare cases via the Internet, or we can come to you if you wish. Available in English and French.

Discussion Groups

These workshops enable you to share your experiences with other HIV-positive people. Focusing on overall health and well-being, these workshops are led by a duo of peer helpers and/or facilitators. Different groups can be developed together according to needs. Offered in French.


During this pairing, you can talk confidentially with a peer helper about your situation. Depending on your needs, a pairing last from one to ten meetings and is offered in French and English.

Awareness workshops

Facilitated by a pair of peer helpers and/or interveners, these awareness-raising activities will be offered to healthcare professionals, front-line service providers and community organizations to increase their capacity to provide stigma-free services.

Entraide Positive is a program intended for gay, bisexual and other men who have sex with men (MSM) living with HIV. Using the peer approach as its basis, the program’s main two objectives are to:

  • reduce the risk of HIV transmission and other blood-borne and sexually transmitted infections among gay, bisexual and other HIV-positive MSM and their partners;
  • empower the individuals concerned by helping them regain control over stressful events in their lives, improve their overall well-being, better accept HIV in their lives, and achieve a better overall balance.

Peer helpers are men who have contacted Entraide Positive because they have questions, are going through a crisis, or would like to get involved. During their personal journey, they have shown interest in supporting other HIV+ men. With support from our outreach workers, they volunteer to help manage, organize, and lead activities in the program.

  • Do you have expertise that you would like to share and are you interested in participating in a discussion group as a guest speaker?
  • Do you work in the area of mental health, trans realities, sexual health or substance abuse and would you like to provide continuing education to the Entraide Positive team?
  • Are you a gay, bisexual or other MSM living with HIV who would like to get involved and share your experience with other men like you?

Contact us! ou extension 225 or 226

This service involves several forms of assistance. We support people living with HIV, mainly pregnant women and new mothers from endemic countries, by providing them with short, medium, and long-term assistance, information about their health, as well as support through active listening. We can refer individuals to other resources and drive them to their medical appointments (thanks to volunteer drivers). We assist them in managing their daily lives, which can include childcare so that they can attend their medical appointments. We also help them with job searching by guiding them through the resume and interview preparation process. Finally, we help individuals who want to go back to school choose an occupation and take the steps required by the appropriate training centers to achieve their needs.

NOUVEAU en 2021 : bientôt offert (en développement), un programme de soutien à domicile pour personnes vivant avec le VIH vieillissantes. Plus de détails à venir.

  • We are always looking for non-perishable food items, clothing, basic items for the house and home, furniture, linens… and everything required for infant care.

Contact us! ou extension 229 or 230

This program aims to enhance the social participation of aging people, improving their overall health and well-being (physical, psychological, cognitive, social and spiritual health). Social participation is defined here as “a relationship of reciprocity, marking an exchange, a contribution or a gift, and include to be rewarding and gratifying for the individual” (Tremblay, 2002: 24).

What we offer:

  • Short-, medium- and long-term support, based on needs identified by individuals
  • Support through active listening
  • Information on resources and facilitating access; help with procedures
  • Accompaniment to medical appointments (with volunteers), practical help (shopping, etc.) and to facilitate attendance at activities
  • Support for people at the end of life

This program is offered :

  • In English and French
  • To all people aged 55 and over living with HIV

There are eight affordable studios for rent above the Maison Plein Cœur office for people living with HIV-AIDS who are taking steps towards social reintegration and/or searching for stability. They are available for short and medium-term stays. Weekly meetings are scheduled between residents and outreach workers to assist and support them in their individual efforts. Anyone who wishes to live in the residence must fill out the housing request form with their social worker or outreach worker.

  • The studios at the transitional residence are advanced in age and require increasing maintenance, as well as renovation. We are looking for donations or product and service sponsorships.

Please contact us!, extension 228

We offer workshops that promote discussion on general health and well-being. Various groups are available depending on individual needs and are offered in French. Some groups are available only to gay, bisexual and other MSM.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

Contact us! ou extension 225 or 226

Closed group workshops where participants discuss their concerns related to sexuality between men (HIV disclosure, intimacy, sexual health, pleasure, etc.) are offered in French. This group is available only to gay, bisexual and other MSM.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

Contact us! ou extension 225 or 226

You can schedule a fully confidential meeting with an outreach worker (personalized assistance, flexible duration, information and referrals) in French or English.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service? or 514-597-0554

Sound future and financial planning is critical, which is why we offer will and tax return preparation clinics.
  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?
Contact us! extension 225.

We can pair individuals with a peer helper (who also lives with HIV) for fully confidential discussions about their concerns in relation to living with HIV. Peer assistance is available only to gay, bisexual and other MSM.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

Contact us! ou extension 225 or 226

Our driving service provides transportation to medical appointments and food banks to people living with HIV-AIDS and reduced mobility, new HIV-positive mothers, and individuals with low incomes. The driving service is much more than a simple taxi service, because it also provides friendly human contact! The goal of this service is to promote anti-retro viral treatment adhesion and improve access to public or community resources.

Schedule: variable during the week. Certain conditions apply.

  • We need volunteers more than ever to provide this service.
  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service

Contact us!, extension 227

The Day Centre is a safe place where people living with HIV-AIDS can socialize with their peers. Visitors are welcomed by volunteers who are there to listen and help them integrate in the Maison Plein Cœur’s activities.

Schedule: Monday to Friday, 1 p.m. to 5 p.m

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

  • Join the Day Centre team and help keep the organization’s “heart” beating!

Contacte-nous!, extension 227

In this program, anyone living with HIV-AIDS may receive a relaxing massage once per month. These massages have a huge impact on self-esteem and contribute to overall well-being. They increase blood and lymphatic circulation. In addition, they relieve stress and reduce anxiety, while helping the immune system work effectively.
All massages are given at our office by a team of volunteers who have received 50 hours of training in Swedish kinetic massage for people living with HIV AIDS at the Maison Plein Cœur.

  • A massage table is absolutely essential for this service.
  • We are looking for a sponsor: Do you know anyone who can help us?

Contact us!, extension 227

The Agora supper is an activity “by and for” all Maison Plein Cœur users. It is intended for anyone living with HIV-AIDS who would like to share a delicious meal prepared by a team of people living with HIV-AIDS once per month in a safe place for discussion.

  • Although the Maison Plein Cœur kitchen is well stocked, some equipment needs to be replaced, such as the food processor, mixer, utensils, dishes, baking sheets, ovens, refrigerator, etc. We are looking for donations or sponsorships. Do you know anyone who could help us?

Contact us!, extension 227

HIV and the Arts is a program that offers show tickets to people living with HIV-AIDS. It gives them an opportunity to attend cultural events, theater plays, dance shows, musicals, and sporting events. The HIV and the Arts concept is based on three partnerships: ticket and pass donors, volunteers who run the program, and program participants.

  • Do you belong to an organization that can offer free access to cultural events?
  • Do you have tickets that you will not use and would like to share? 

Contact us!, extension 227

The Zone+ art workshop is held at a nearby park. It is a creative space with art materials where people living with HIV-AIDS come together to create art.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

Contact us!, extension 227

In collaboration with Moisson Montreal, food assistance is offered two Thursdays a month to people who need it.

This program is offered:

  • to single people,
  • to families.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?

Talk to your worker. Contact us at the reception of Maison Plein Cœur., extension 227

Weekly calls are organized between a participant and a volunteer. It is not an individual follow-up, but simple talks on various subjects.

This program aims to:

  • to break social isolation,
  • to obtain news on the activities of Maison Plein Cœur.

This newly implemented program, in 2021, is offered:

  • In French and English.
  • To those who do not have access to the Internet.
  • To anyone living with HIV who has little social contact.

Hourly :

  • Variable.
  • Weekdays and weekends.

  • Could you or someone you know benefit from this service?
  • Would you like to help Maison Plein Coeur by becoming a volunteer?

Contact us!, extension 227