Our team

Our team

The team

Maison Plein Cœur staff members see to it that organization’s daily operations run smoothly. They coordinate program and service delivery to carry out the mission.

Executive Director

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(position to be filled)

Stéphane Gauthier

Programme manager


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Stéphane Gauthier is an administrative coordinator by training. He holds a DEC in office automation and an AEC in office work coordination. Stéphane has worked in a number of companies in different business sectors, including health care at the CHUM, a property management firm and the aeronautics industry.

“As someone who has been living with HIV since 2005, I have long wanted to get involved in the community with a clientele that I can relate to. I am very happy to find myself at Maison Plein Cœur, an incredible organization that I am learning to discover and that makes me want to deepen my knowledge of the community and to get involved.”

Administrative Assistant

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Stéphane Bonenfant

Programme manager


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A native of Quebec City, Stéphane has a wealth of experience in management in both the private and non-profit sectors. He was previously a double volunteer with Maison Plein Cœur, being part of the 2019 cohort of trained masseurs, but also as a Sister of the Perpetual Indulgence from the Montreal’s convent. You may have seen him at one of the Agora’s dinners.

Denis-Martin Chabot

Development Coordinator


Extension 231


Denis-Martin Chabot has worked as a radio, television and web journalist for Radio-Canada for nearly 33 years. He is also an author who has published novels and several biographies. He occasionally graces the stage as an actor and comedian. At MPC, he is responsible for fundraising and communications.

Yousra André

Responsible for volunteer activities


Extension 228


Our volunteer coordinator comes to us from France. Of French-Moroccan origin, after studying feminist rights and thoughts, she adopted Quebec seven years ago. She has a big heart and great energy! She firmly believes in anti-oppressive values and says she is motivated by humanity. She devotes all her determination to making things happen, in collaboration with the rest of the team.

Julien Beauregard

Social Worker – Responsible for the residence


poste 228


Didier Leroy

Outreach Worker – Entraide positive 


Extension 225

Didier was an early AIDS activist involved in Act-UP Paris in the 90s. He worked for many years in the Paris region as a special care counsellor in child protection services. Didier arrived in Quebec just under a year ago and wants to dedicate his career to serving people living with HIV. He joined the Maison Plein Cœur team in November 2019 as an Entraide Positive Outreach Worker.

Antoinette Ngalula Kulondi

Home Care Outreach Worker


Extension 230

Antoinette has 17 years of training and experience in nursing. She joined the team in 2010 as a home care outreach worker and home helper, mainly for pregnant women, new mothers, and their children.

Roseleine Delva

Home Care Outreach Worker


Extension 229

Roseleine has has been part of our team since 2005, working as a home care outreach worker and helping mainly pregnant women, new mothers, and their children. She also works as a home care assistant.

Caroline Desjardins

Home Intervention Program for Aging


Extension 226


With more than 20 years of experience with seniors in CHSLD, Caroline Desjardins is now ready for a new challenge. Full of energy, she is a person with a big heart filled with empathy, without judgment, but also with a touch of madness. That helps!

Isabelle Dicaire

Outreach worker, Home Intervention Program for Aging PLWHIV


Extension 230


Isabelle Dicaire assists aging people living with HIV.

Isabelle has nearly 25 years of experience in the community. She is a criminologist and sociologist by training. During her career, she has worked mainly with people living in extreme poverty, social exclusion and homelessness.

Michèle Sandiford

Resilience Program Coordinator


Michèle has acquired her experience in the community by working on projects related to domestic violence and substance abuse. She is excited to join the team to take on new challenges in a warm, collaborative, and participatory environment. She has a degree in Community and Public Affairs Studies and Policy Analysis.

Receptionist and activity facilitator

(position to be filled)

Members of the Board of Directors

Maison Plein Cœur is governed by passionate people who are elected by members of the Corporation. They volunteer their time, effort and talents to ensure that the organization accomplishes its mission to the fullest extent possible.

If you are interested in joining the board, contact us at




(Him, he)

In 36 years as a manager at McGill University, Claude was the first administrator when the McGill AIDS Centre was created, directed by the late Dr. Marc Wainberg, using his academic training in biology and administration. A gay man living with HIV, himself diagnosed in 1996, he lived through the period of the HIV pandemic of the 1980s and 1990s, when he saw many of his loved ones die.  He has been a volunteer at Maison Plein Cœur since his retirement, notably accompanying people to medical appointments and distributing food aid. He also received intensive massage training at Maison Plein Cœur, where he does chair massages at special events. He has been a member of Maison Plein Cœur’s Board of Directors since 2019 and has been its Chairman since 2020. He is the second person living openly with HIV to serve as president, since the founder. He has participated in various panel discussions on HIV, including the Carnival of Colours and the Community Response to the 2022 International AIDS Conference. In addition to his involvement with Maison Plein Cœur, he chairs the Board of Directors of Fierté littéraire and is a public representative on research ethics committees.



A nurse, professor and researcher in nursing sciences at the University of Montreal, Pilar’s research projects focus on the contribution of mind-body approaches such as meditation, yoga and relaxation to the well-being of people living with HIV. She has been collaborating with Maison Plein Cœur since 2000 in various projects and is now proud to be a member of the Board of Directors.



André holds two bachelor degrees: in Economics (1994) and in Business Administration (2003). He also obtained a certificate in Human Resources Management (2013). He has been working in the banking industry for over 25 years. His expertise in financing will certainly be useful to the board. He has also been a volunteer in the community for many years.


Vice President

With a Master’s degree in Industrial Relations – Human Resources option, Gilles comes to the Board with 35 years of experience as a human resources development manager in the private and public sectors.

Retired since 2018, he devotes part of his time as a consultant in organizational development and human resources management in the community, mainly for clients struggling with HIV, mental health and homelessness. Gilles has been living with HIV since 2000.



For the past 35 years, André has been professionally involved as a broker in the real estate industry. For two decades, he has worked as one of the leaders of Serge Savard’s Real Estate Group, dedicated to the management of major real estate and hotel investments. Among his most exotic feathers, André managed the Canadian investment in Cuba of the “El Senador” Group. Today, still with a touch of the exotic, his art shines from “Little Italy” under the hat of “Remax du Cartier”.



Involved in the sexual health community since 2014, Éric volunteered for RÉZO as a receptionist at the SPOT screening clinic from 2014 to 2015 and worked on the MOBILISE research group on HIV-ITSS prevention, a study of the UQAM sexology department directed by Joanne Otis. He then joined Maison Plein Cœur, as day centre manager from 2015 to 2020 and as support buddy for the ACCM from 2020 to today. As a peer researcher for the HEADS-UP study at the University of Victoria under the auspices of COCQ-SIDA since September 2020, Eric has acquired a vast knowledge of HIV over the years. A passionate horticulturist and president of the Georges-Vanier community garden for the past two years, he works to make urban agriculture more accessible. He has also worked in various fields such as construction, fashion and bars.



A historian by training (University of Burundi), Marie holds a professional certificate in social work and psychology in Quebec (2001-2014). She is currently pursuing a training in social geriatrics.

Marie has extensive experience in the community since 2003:

From 2003-2005: volunteer at Gap-Vies in prevention.
From 2005-2007: Member of the Board of Directors at COCQ-Sida and CRISS

Her experience at CASM :
2004-2005: fall employee at CASM in support 
2005 – 2008: receptionist
2008 -2014: Refugee Project Officer
2014-2015: Service Coordinator
2015-2018 : Executive Director
2019 – present: Volunteer at SCAMA Laval.