Globe in hands

Volunteering is an invaluable, even essential wealth in terms of human resources at Maison Plein Coeur. Indeed, for every paid staff member there are 11 volunteers who are present in all parts of the organizations.

More than half of the volunteers at Maison Plein Coeur are people living with HIV/AIDS whom through their involvement make our organization unique.


The involvement of the volunteers is present in all the services offered at Maison Plein Coeur:

  • At the reception and at the Roger-Poirier drop-in center where they greet visitors, listen to them and offer support;
  • For the relaxation massage service;
  • For the transportation service;
  • During the Agora suppers;
  • For expression via the arts workshops, such as Zone+ and VIH des arts;
  • Within Entraide positive, whose mission is to promote peer-counselling between people living with HIV;
  • During professional trainings;
  • Within various committees responsible for organizing events related to holidays (Christmas, Halloween, Valentine’s day, etc.) or to visibility and promotion activities.

Volunteers are also present on the Board of Directors, where they keep a watchful eye on compliance with the mission and the management of the organization, as well as the evolution of available services in response to the changing needs of people living with HIV-AIDS in the context of returning to an active social life.

Contact us if you want to become a volunteer at Maison Plein Coeur.