Zone + and VIH des arts


Zone + / Schedule : From Monday to Friday, 13 h to 17 h

Zone + is a huge workshop filled with art supplies where people living with HIV get together in the afternoon to discuss or to create.

Zone + even has its own barber available for haircuts one day per month.

A few steps from metro Papineau, the art workshop Zone+ is located in the heart of Charles S. Campbell Park (1275 rue Alexandre-DeSève). The location of the cottage is an important factor because it is the citizens reclaiming the park. Unlike community organizations that fight against AIDS who promote a rather anonymous and discreet physical and architectural space, Charles S. Campbell Park is attended by hundreds of people every week. Zone + restores instead the subject of HIV-AIDS in a community that is tired of primary prevention.

VIH des arts

One of the many services offered by Maison Plein Coeur, VIH des arts, aims first to provide its members with tickets for shows. Always with the goal of breaking the isolation, this service provides an opportunity for memebers of Maison Plein Coeur to enjoy cultural events: theater, dance, music, etc. To achieve this, volunteers are given the mission to obtain tickets and passese intended for those interested in cultural outings.

The concept of VIH des arts is based on a three-way partnership amongst suppliers of tickets and passes, volunteers and members of Maison Plein Coeur. The team of volunteers is committed to suppliers to distribute the tickets offered. In exchange, those receiving these tickets commit to being present at the cultural events. Although they were given to us for free, the tickets and passes are as valuable as if we had paid. For us, breaking the isolation and nourishing the mind is as important as taking care of the body.