Schedule: Variable, during the week.

Since December 1998, the transportation service is available without discrimination to anyone living with HIV with partial loss of autonomy, temporary or permanent, who cannot move alone without assistance or supervision of another person.

The transportation service aims to promote fidelity to medical treatment, medication adherence and provide accessibility to public and community health services for isolated individuals or individuals with loss of autonomy.

Maison Plein Coeur has its own vehicle, allowing them to respond adequately to psychosocial emergencies experienced by its customers. Very rarely driven by community workers, the transportation service is almost exclusively implemented by volunteers, some of who have their own car.

By taking an appointment ten days in advance, anybody living with HIV requiring accompaniment by car will receive this service from Maison Plein Coeur.

Groups that are targeted by the Transportation Service are, in order of priority:

  • Pregnant women and mothers with their children;
  • People living in social housing;
  • People who receive medical examinations and treatments for opportunistic diseases (magnetic resonance, chemotherapy, radiotherapy, research protocols, resistance to medication, etc.);
  • People with punctual psychosocial appointments for the purpose of regaining civic autonomy (visiting housing, social security, vindication of rights, driving license, etc.);
  • People who need to obtain food from food banks.


For this service, contact the transportation co-ordinator.