Becoming a volunteer

If you are interested in volunteering, do not hesitate to contact the volunteer coordinator of Maison Plein Coeur who can meet with you and go over the available opportunities with you.

If you are a person living with HIV and would like to get involved in your community, Maison Plein Coeur is the perfect place to give your time.

Visit the volunteering page to learn more about the various services offered by the volunteers of Maison Plein Coeur.

We hope to have you be a part of our team!Training is provided for all our volunteers.

  • ┬áThe basic AIDS training is given to all new volunteers who want to offer their help. The following course, Intermediate AIDS training, offers the opportunity to explore further several topics discussed during the initial training.
  • A 45-hour training is offered to volunteers wishing to provide relaxation massages.
  • In turn, the volunteers of Entraide positive are offered further training under the supervision of the project co-ordinator.

It will be a pleasure to see you part of the team!