Supervised transition residence


Maison Plein Coeur has eight living units spread over four apartments. An apartment can accommodate two guests or a small family. The proposed housing allows people to live in a quiet and private space, while providing the “socializing” aspects of cohabitation: sharing common living spaces, utilities and household chores. The length of stay is three months to one year – period evaluated with the person – while aiming at the realisation of  objectives set with the person during his or her intervention plan.

The objective of the residences is to provide a stable place for people living with HIV in which they can finalize a process of professinnal and/or social reinsertion.

The admission policy of Maison Plein Coeur is to admit people with various life stories and problems: single-parent families with little entourage, people coming out of an episode of depression or a difficult life situation, people of immigrant origin,  people initiating a treatment for hepatitis C, people whith a recent HIV diagnosis, people initiating antiretroviral therapy, etc. This allows residents to take a step back from their situation, to decentralize from their problems and help each other through by exchanging on their experiences.

Also, a program of group activities is in place for residents to promote exchange between people staying in the residences, provide practical tools for everyday life concerning the budget, physical and social well-being, housing, etc. . Also, residents are invited to express their needs, to participate in the preparation of the program of activities each trimester and organize a monthly community dinner.