The team

The team of Maison Plein Coeur consist of two employees in administration and seven community workers, supported by more than 100 volunteers. The expertise of our community workers reside on practical skill and facilitates the transfer of knowledge to our volunteers who offer more than 10 000 hours of volunteering in a year.

This extended team creates the distinct way that Maison Plein Coeur offers annually to the few 600 users.

The starting point of all our services is centered on a global health approach; our users do not only define themselves based on their condition with HIV and Maison Plein Coeur promote a “holistic” approach that consider an individual within its full dimension.


Maison Plein Coeur employees

Name, last name
Executive DirectorChris 222
Administrative AssistantDanielle 223
Volunteer CoordinatorBruno 228
Coordinator of funding development and communicationsChristian Géné 231
Home-Care Co-ordinatorRoseleine 229
Home-Care Co-ordinatorAntoinette Ngalula 230
Project Agent – Entraide PositivePier-Luc 226
Supervised Transitory Living
Co-ordinator and transportation
Clarisse-Aim‚ée 227
Coordinator - Entraide PositiveGabrielle 225


Board of directors

Name, last name
PresidentElaine Mayrand
Vice-presidentAlexandre Alaoui
SecretaryCristel Chabot-Lapointe
TreasurerJean Boulanger
AdministratorLydia Gagnon
AdministratorChristian Brodeur