Individual interventions

Support from a professional / Schedule : By appointment

Sometimes some worries of everyday life can be more difficult to overcome than others and the need to speak with a professional may be felt. The issues discussed at these meetings can be very broad: disclosure of HIV status in the workplace, the impact of a new diagnosis, acceptance of one’s sexual orientation, HIV status, the beginning or end of a relationship, job search, taking psychoactive substance, etc.

Maison Plein Coeur offers a multidisciplinary team of community workers who are all trained in counselling to help you defuse a situation perceived as complex, help you make your own decisions, reflect on your state of depression, and even suicidal thoughts.

It is important to not stay alone when one is taken with such worries.

By giving you practical and reliable information and by supporting you in your efforts and your individual life paths, the Maison Plein Coeur team will welcome you and will do its best to meet your needs without judgment.

To meet with a community worker, contact us.