Group discussions

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Schedule: Wednesday nights from 18 h 30 to 20 h 30

Group discussions are an ideal place to exchange with other people. The themes: dating, sexual health, mental health, lifestyles, mourning and other relevant subjects.

Everyone is free to participate in group discussion at his own pace.

Respect and confidentiality is required for all participants.

Different group discussions are offered according to needs expressed by members.

Operating rules for discussion groups:

  • The group discussion starts and finishes at the scheduled time.
  • I respect the discussion topics proposed or selected by the majority of members.
  • I avoid addressing the following areas during our discussions: religion, politics, and opinions on health care professionals and / or specific medications.
  • I respect the leadership that must be exercised by the facilitator team.
  • I respect the facilitator and co-facilitator’s roles.
  • I respect the confidentiality of statements made in the group.
  • I practice active and non-judgemental listening.
  • I respect everyone’s right to talk.
  • When I speak, I speak in an “I” form.
  • I am free to speak or not from one subject to another. If I did not want to talk, I say so in a respectful manner.


Contact a community member of Entraide Positive to know the schedules for the group discussions.